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Industrial Heaters Directory From Heaters Controls And Sensors

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Industrial Heaters Directory
Air Heaters
Air Heaters are designed to heat flowing air up to 1500ºF. These highly efficient Air Heaters can be accurately controlled with a variable voltage source, or with the use of feed back temperature controls. The compact size of the Air Heaters and the high efficiencies enable the Air Heaters to be used for a variety of applications and air flows.
Aluminum Cast In Heaters
Aluminum Cast In Heaters offer a high quality and efficient method of heating and controlling Extruders, Compression Molding Platens, Heat Sealers, Vacuum Forming Platens.
The heat cool capabilities of Aluminum Cast In Heaters provide high accuracy temperature control of +/- 2 degrees.
Cartridge Heaters
Cartridge Heaters are available in various sizes from 1/8 inch to 1-1/4 inch in diameter to lengths that are only restricted by the diameter of the heater. Various lead styles are available to withstand constant flexing, washdown or extremely corrosive and moist environments.
Ceramic Band Heaters
Ceramic Band Heaters are high temperature heaters that are long lasting and now a available with 1 /4" or 1 /2" insulation. Ceramic Band Heaters are available with high velocity fans and can be used as efficient Heat/Cool bands that provide accurate temperatures.
Coil and Cable Heaters
Coil and Cable Heaters can be used for a variety of applications where high temperature is required in confined spaces, or areas where the heaters need to be formed in irregular shapes ands sizes.
Drum Heaters
Drum Heaters are a used to control temperatures on a variety of pails or drums where maintaining viscosity and keeping the contents fluid are important. Drum Heaters provide uniform heat and prevent scorching or degradation of sensitive materials.
Flanged Immersion Heaters
Flanged Immersion Heaters are installed by bolting the unit to a matching flange welded to the vessel. Watt densities from 90 Watts/sq inch, Explosion Proof (NEMA 7), Corrosion Resistant (NEMA 4X), General Purpose and Standoff Terminal housings are available.
Flexible Rubber Heaters
Flexible Rubber Heaters are lightweight, ultra thin, water resistant, ozone resistant heaters and were designed for the aerospace and aeronautical industry. Flexible Rubber Heaters are available in a variety of insulating materials and can be manufactured with wire wound or etched foil.
FuzyPro Hot Runner Systems
FuzyPro Hot Runner Systems feature continuous auto tuning for tighter control at all temperatures. Systems have a heater break alarm or heater loss alarm and indication option. We offer an optional heater break or deviation buzzer for fault conditions.
Hard Ceramic Heaters
Hard Ceramic Heaters are used where extremely high process or part temperature are required. Hard Ceramic Heaters are capable of temperatures of 1200ºC or 2200°F. Constructed out of a hard ceramic shell the heater have a Kanthal or Nichrome wire that is first coiled and then placed in a groove.
Heated Hose
Heated Hose from Heaters Controls & Sensors is manufactured with high quality Teflon hose that are FDA and CSA approved. Heated Hose has a smooth Teflon Core which is electrically heated for continuous operation to high temperatures of 450º F (232ºC).
Hot Runner System
The Hot Runner System also features LED's for under temperature or over temperature indication, Heat load on/off, Ramp start, and Open or closed loop operation. The display can also be set for set point or process temperature indication and a +/- 3 degree indicator flashes when process temperature is within 3 degrees of setpoint.
Industrial Furnaces and Ovens
Industrial Furnaces & Ovens are manufactured by Heaters Control & Sensors for a large variety of industrial applications. These include air drying, paint finishing, resins and rubber curing, preheating chemicals or in line process heating and control.
Mica and Mineral Band Heaters
Mica & Mineral Band Heater from Heaters Controls & Sensors are available in various sizes, voltages, wattage's, and constructions to suit every application. The Mica Insulated Band Heater is used for temperatures to 900ºF. The Mineral Insulated Band Heaters is used for temperatures to 1400ºF.
Over The Side Immersion Heaters
Over The Side Immersion Heaters tubular elements are designed for installation from the top of tanks where through-the-wall heaters cannot be installed. Over The Side Immersion Heaters are available in many configurations, with partially unheated sections, thermostats, washdown ox corrosion resistant enclosures.
Process Air and Duct Heaters
Process Air Heaters and Duct Heaters are available in a wide variety of wattage's, Voltages and sizes to meet most applications. Process Air Heaters and Duct Heaters are available with thermostats, thermocouples or hi Limit cutouts as called for by the process.
Quartz and Teflon Heaters
Quartz and Teflon Heaters over the side construction enable easy installation and replacement. Liquid tight terminal covers prevents entry of liquids. Thermostats or high limit thermal fuses are available as options and prevent heater damage due to loss of liquid or low liquid.
Radiant Heaters
Radiant Heaters are available in a variety of constructions like hard ceramics to quartz to tubular elements with reflectors. Radiant Heaters are capable of transmitting radiant energy from low to medium wavelengths.
Recirculation Heaters
The wide variety of options make Circulation Heaters suitable for most applications like Heating Fuel oil, Air, Steam Superheating, Corrosive gases & liquids, Water and or delicate liquids like brewers grain for Beer.
Screw Plug Immersion Heaters
Screw Plug Immersion Heaters are installed in medium to small size containers at pressures up to 3000 PSI. Watt densities from 90 Watts/sq. inch, Explosion Proof (NEMA 7), Corrosion Resistant (NEMA 4X), and General Purpose Terminal housings are available.
Strip Heaters
Mica Strip Heaters are available in a number of constructions depending on the material to be heated and the application. Sheath temperatures are typically 700ºF to 1400ºF depending on construction, watt density sheath material and type of insulation used.
Tubular Heating Elements
Formed tubular heating elements provide an economical, robust, and versatile heat source. These elements are commonly used to fit into milled grooves for hot runner molding systems. The precision fit optimizes heat transfer to the working surface. Heaters Controls & Sensors can provide formed elements “ready to go” into your existing channel or new tool design.

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