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Extruder Accessories - Blank Melt Bolts - Rupture Discs - Melt Temperature

Blank Melt Bolts

Blank Melt Bolts are used to close or block existing melt temperature or pressure vents, where pressure transducers or temperature thermocouples are no longer being used. Available in 316 stainless in various lengths these blank bolts are rated for pressures in excess of 15,000 PSI.

Rupture Discs

Pressure sensitive Rupture Discs are used as over pressure protectors, when normal running pressures are exceeded. Rupture Discs are made of stainless steel and fit most extruders that have melt pressure or melt thermocouple vents on the barrel.

Rupture Discs are a safety device that release pressure, should they exceed the pressure that they are manufactured to collapse at. Rupture Discs typical burst pressures are 4000, 4500, 5000, 6500, 7500, and 9500. Normal stem lengths are, 3" and 6" with 1/2- 20 UNF threads and a hex bolt for installation and removal.

Melt Temperature Thermocouples

Melt Temperature Thermocouples are temperature sensors that are used in extruders where plastic melt temperatures need to be measured. Melt Temperature Thermocouples are ruggedly manufactured in 316 Stainless steel with flexible armour construction along with a high temperature plug. Various tip and body sizes ensure direct replacement of preexisting temperature probes.

Melt Temperature Thermocouplesstandard sizes are 6" stem length with 12" of flex armour. Longer lengths of bolt sizes and leads are also available. Normal thread size is a 1/2-20 UNF in a type J or K Thermocouple calibration.

Melt Pressure Transducers

Melt Pressure Transducers are highly accurate devices, that ensure a very high degree of stability and repeatability when measuring Extruder Melt Pressure.

Melt Pressure Transducers are available in a variety of ranges from 0 to 20,000 PSI and have overload pressure capabilities of twice the rated pressure range. They are high temperature devices that withstand 750ºF (400ºC) and are available with built in thermocouples, or with 18" of flex armour cables.

Melt Pressure Transducers are also available in EXPLOSION PROOF construction to meet CLASS I, DIVISION I, Group B, C, and D. Made of Stainless Steel they have an industrial standard 1/2 - 20 UNF thread along with a hex nut that facilitates installation and removal. Melt Pressure Transducers work on strain gauge principles and have the following.

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