Counters, Timers, Digital Indicating Meters

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Counters, Timers, Digital Indicating Meters
Digital Indicating Meters
Digital Indicating Meters are available for a wide range of inputs and processes like indicating Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Level, Humidity etc. The inputs to these Digital Indicating Meters can be programmed for thermocouples, RTD, millivolts, mA, Volts etc.
Digital Scalable Counter or Timer
The Digital Scalable Counter or Timer is very versatile and full featured to allow solving most single and dual level timer application problems. The dual 5 digit LED digital displays allow monitoring progress of the process time while also showing the 5 digit setpoint.
LE3S Digital Timer
The LE3S is a universal Digital Timer that features excellent application flexibility with 10 timing ranges and 10 counting modes that are front panel, user selectable. The LCD provides the operator a wide range of information: output relay contact status time remaining during timing cycle, a bar graph that indicates percentage of elapsed time in the cycle and time unit.
Multi-Function Multi-Range Timers
Multi-Range Timer Model 651 is a microprocessor-based device capable of performing four different timing modes over three different timing ranges. The timing ranges allow for delays from,100 milliseconds to 99 hours 59 minutes.
Programmable Timers
Programmable Timers are compact digital timeswitchs which provides precise timing with the flexibility of daily or weekly programming. Simple and fast setting by means of push buttons and display prompts.
Solid State Multi Function 1/16 DIN Timer
Solid State Timer 1/16 DIN Multifunction, is a cost effective product that has excellent application flexibility with 4 operating modes, and sixteen time ranges, that are all selectable from the front panel.

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