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Chart Recorder, Strip Chart Recorders, OEM Circular Chart Recorders
A large variety of Chart Recorders are available for various applications from temperature with thermocouples RTD's or with analog inputs of voltage or current for measuring pressure, speed, level, flow or any other process parameter. These Chart Recorders are configurable and are available with single or multiple inputs up to 6 pens.
FuzyPro Data Loggers
The FZTC is a miniature, battery powered, stand-alone thermocouple based temperature recorder. This is an all-in-one compact, portable, easy-to-use device that will measure and record up to 16.383 measurements per channel.

FuzyPro Data Loggers
Paperless Recorders
Monarch Instruments Paperless Recorders featuring DataChart 1200, DataChart 2000, DataChart 3000, DataChart 3600, DataChart 4600 and DataChart 5000.
Real Time Data Acquisition And Control
Operator Lockout 5 levels, High Speed 9600 Baud 2 Way Communication, Total Custom Graphics Using GDW With Historic Replay At Various Speeds, Multiple Graphic Displays To Represent All Parameters Bar Graph, Chart Digital or Alpha Numerical Representation.

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