Real Time Data Acquisition And Control

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Real Time Data Acquisition And Control from Heaters Controls And Sensors

Real Time Data Acquisition And Control Features:

Operator Lockout 5 levels
High Speed 9600 Baud 2 Way Communication
Total Custom Graphics Using GDW With Historic Replay At Various Speeds
Multiple Graphic Displays To Represent All Parameters Bar Graph, Chart Digital or Alpha Numerical Representation
Automatically Detects Connected Devices - No Tag List To Define
Automatically Creates A Screen On "Instrument Views"
Automatically Builds a List box Data Base Of All Instrument Parameters
Same Buttons On Instrument Views As On Instruments
Multi-Pen Trend Charts Time Scales From 1 Minute to 48 Hours
Easy Graphic Tools for Custom Screens Including Bitmap Import And OLE
Flexible Recipe system With Long recipe Names And "Snapshot" Feature
Data Logging Of Any Instrument Parameter Automatic Trend Chart Printing
Log Reports In CSV (comma separated variable) Format For Easy Spreadsheet Import
Many Protocols simultaneously
Up to 9 Simultaneous Communications Ports
User Definable Report Structure
Alarm Monitoring And Time Stamping
Event Logging for Tracking User Operations
Flexible Password Scheme
Reassign And Re-Scale Of Trend Chart Pens And Time Axis
Printing - Snapshot A Screen to a Full Size Colour Print Out, Including Trends
Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) - Link Live Data from Connected Instruments to Other Programs Such As Excel or SPC Package
Historical Replay Of Graphical Screens From Logged Data

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