Relays from Heaters Controls & Sensors

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Relays from Heaters Controls & Sensors
CR 4395 
Current Sensing Relays 
CR 7310 
Ground Fault Sensor 
CR 9321 
Current Switch, .27 Window TRIAC or Transistor Output 
CR 9350 
Current Switch, .61 Window TRIAC or Transistor Output 
Industrial Heating Power Controllers
Single and Three Phase SCR Power Controllers are, available with a wide variety of pre-engineered options, are ideally suited for abroad range of applications.They are designed for use with all two, three and four wire resistive, capacitive and inductive loads.
Industrial Control Panel Miniature High Current Relays
Industrial Control Panel Relays are available from a variety of voltages to different current ratings to suit most applications that require miniature monostable relays.
Industrial Control Panel Relays are constructed to withstand dusty environments and are thereby suitable for all harsh industrial applications.
Mercury Displacement Relays
Mercury Displacement Relays are used in industry where rapid on off switching of loads is essential to control a process. Applications include Heating elements, Motor loads, 'Tungsten lamps, or other inductive or resistive loads.
SCR Power Controls
SCR Power Controls are zero-cross fired or phase angled fired, and ideal for the control of pure resistant loads that can accommodate rapid, full power, ON-OFF cycling.
Solid State Motor Controls
Motor soft starts are designed for AC induction motors. Soft starting is a method of reduced voltage starting that provides smooth, stepless acceleration that greatly reduces wear on power transmission components. Soft starting reduces motor in rush current by as much as 70%.
Solid State Motor Controllers
Solid State Motor Controllers are used in a large variety of applications where motors have to be ramped up to speed or for phase angle control of heaters, pumps, lights, fans etc. Output modules can be selected according to the size of the motor or as needed by the load current.
Solid State Relays
Solid State Relays, the zero switching relay with antiparallel thyristor output is the most widely used industrial SSR. Solid State Relays are used to switch various loads such as heating elements (resistive load), motors, transformers, (inductive) or capacitive loads.

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