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Industrial Sensors Directory
LevelSonic SONIC™ Ultrasonic Level Sensors
Ultrasonic Level Sensors
The small, compact Sonic Ultrasonic Level Transmitter offers non-contact measurement of liquids and solid levels. The transmitter is two-wire loop-powered and uses a simple magnetic key to set up the level range to be measured, as well as selecting the response rate and default currents.
Sensors & Transducers
Current Sensors
Creative solutions for Current, Voltage, Power and Frequency monitoring.
Infrared Temperature Sensors
Exergen D-Series Infrared Temperature Sensors are the only infrared instruments which can be certified as to NIST-tracable accuracy on real surfaces of unknown emissivity, while completely free of contact errors and heat sinking errors of contact devices.
Status Indicator Lights
Status Indicator Lights
Tower Status Indicator Lights are available in 3 type and 3 sizes of indicating lights. Shown here are the medium size that are most commonly used. The smallest are about the size of a 25 cent piece the medium are 52 mm in OD and the larger ones are 56 mm OD and have a prismed lens for long range visibility.

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