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Aluminum Cast In Heaters
Aluminum Cast In Heaters offer a high quality and efficient method of heating and controlling Extruders, Compression Molding Platens, Heat Sealers, Vacuum Forming Platens.

The heat cool capabilities of Aluminum Cast In Heaters provide high accuracy temperature control of +/- 2 degrees.

These precision Aluminum Cast In Heaters are available in various sizes and watt densities ranging from 10 t0 60 watts per square inch.

Aluminum Cast In Heaters are pressure casted insuring a dense porosity free casting that can been supplied with either cooling fins or seamless stainless steel cooling tubes that guarantee longer life.

Aluminum Cast In Heaters
can be casted into any shape and size needed, thus fully covering the part to be heated and virtually becoming the part itself. Most Cast In heat cool bands are made to customer specifications, but standard sizes are available out of stock.

Aluminum Cast In Heaters are contamination and corrosion resistant and can with stand high temperature and pressures in harsh environments with years of trouble free service

Aluminum Cast In Heaters Features:

High operating temperatures
Liquid cooling or air-cooling fins
Any size or shape available
Pressure casted ensures porosity free high density casting
Extremely ruled and resistant to damage
Precise and accurate control of temperature due to heat cool action
High watt densities available

Aluminum Cast In Heaters Specifications: Size. . . . . . . . . . .As required any size possible
Voltage. . . . . . . . 120, 240, 480, or 600 volts
Phase. . . . . . . . . Single or Three phase available
Termination's. . . . .Leads, Terminal Boxes, Screw/Threaded Studs
Machining Tolerance. . . .005" Standard 2
Wattage. . . . . . . . . . Aluminum Up to 35 W/in2
                               Bronze Up to 50 W/in
Maximum Temperature. . Aluminum 700 degrees F
                                 Bronze 1400 degrees F
Options. . . . . . . . . .Holes, Grooves, Notches, Cutouts, Available

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