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Coil and Cable Heaters from Heaters Controls & Sensors

Coil and Cable Heaters can be used for a variety of applications where high temperature is required in confined spaces, or areas where the heaters need to be formed in irregular shapes ands sizes.

Coil and Cable Heaters are highly ductile and are available in various diameters that enable them to be spirally wound on circular parts, star wound for air applications or laid straight for heat seals.

Coil and Cable Heaters are available with or without thermocouples, amour or stainless steel leads rectangular or round, coiled to tight diameters of .500 and with various length of unheated tail ends.

Coil and Cable Heaters Features:

Low profile, fast response and quick heat transfer
Even heating 360 degree coverage
High operating temperatures
Small diameters enable various shape formations
Round or square design available
Corrosion, contamination, oxidation and shock resistant.

Coil and Cable Heaters Specifications:

Standard Sizes. . . . . . . . . Round .040," .063," .093," .125." .188"
                                      Square .050," min to .160" max 1/8"
Nominal Voltages. . . . . . . .120 or 240
When Ordering Specify. . . ..Formation listed on accompanying page
                                      Provide sketch if unlisted shape
                                      Wattage and voltage required
                                      Straight length if straight heater required
                                      Inside diameter I D ( if coiled heater )
                                      Length or width L or W ( if Coiled Heater )
                                      Coil tail cold length & dimension
                                      Lead type and length Hi-Temp Fiberglass,
                                      Teflon, Stainless steel, Armour.
                                      Thermocouple type K, or J.
                                      Brief description of the Application


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