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Thermowells and Protection Tubes from Heaters Controls And Sensors

When Thermocouples or RTD's or any other sensors are exposed to harsh atmospheres they are damaged. This damaged due to mechanical or chemical contamination can be avoided by the use of  protection tubes or Thermowells.

Thermowells and Protection Tubes are closed at one end, normally the harsh environment or process end, and opened at the termination end, various methods are used to assemble the tube, sensor, and connection head with termination into the process. Depending on the chemical or mechanical environment to which the Sensor will be subjected the material for the protection tube is selected.

Thermowells and Protection Tubes are normally used with RTD's, Thermocouples, or Bimetal thermometers where temperatures are to be measured in high pressure (over 150 PSI) or environments that are chemically and mechanically hostile. These Thermowells and Protection Tubes are machined from solid bar stock with high precision and accuracy and have material tractability.

To design an efficient and safe thermowell pressure, maximum temperature and velocity of the system need to be known. The various designs available are shown above however straight wells are used for low pressures and temperatures, Stepped Thermowells and Protection Tubes are used for a quick response time and medium strength. 'Tapered Thermowells and Protection Tubes are the most efficient and highly recommended design as they have high pressure ratings, quick thermal response and provide greater strength. These Thermowells and Protection Tubes are more resistant to vibration than straight wells and also work well in high velocity applications as the taper allows fluids to flow without restrictions.

To size Thermowells and Protection Tubes please indicate the following: Overall length, Process connection, Instrument or Sensor Connection, Type of Material, Maximum Temperature, Maximum Velocity/Pressure.

Thermowells and Protection Tubes Features:

Manufactured in various materials
Available with tractability and registration

Tapered, straight, stepped, and flanged styles

Protection tubes available for various metals
Thermowells and tubes available with fittings
An assortment of threads and mounting

Custom designs available

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