Paperless Recorder Monarch DataChart 1200 Series

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Paperless Recorder Monarch DataChart 1200 Series
Programming Features

Menu selectable via membrane keypad. Scaleable ranges up to + four digits.
Selectable input functions include: average, peak, valley or normal sampling.
Engineering units - up to 3 characters alphanumeric.
Program for normal or alarm/event triggered recording mode.
User selectable password protection.
Recording rates range from 100 samples per second to 1 sample every 10 minutes.

Paperless Recorder Monarch DataChart 1200 Series

  4 alarm set points.
  Independent dead bands
  2 alarm contact outputs.
  Latching or non-latching

Paperless Recorders DataChart 1200 Series Data Storage:
  • PCMCIA SRAM memory card up to 1 Mbyte.
  • Internal 16K RAM recording buffer
  • Search data files by signal value or alarms.
  • Transfer data files to IBM compatible PC's via serial communication port or external card reader
  • Data files for 2 channels including alarms and configuration files.
  • Customize file names for each recording session.
  • Review historical information while recording in real time

Paperless Recorder Monarch DataChart 1200 Series
Recorder Control:

  • The following control functions can be selected via digital inputs or internal alarms.
        - Record on/off.
        - Record/display rate

Paperless Recorders Monarch DataChart 1200 Series

  • RS232 bi-directional.
  • Modem support.
  • Real time data and data file transfer to IBM compatible PC's.

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