Solid State Relays from Heaters Controls And Sensors

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Solid State Relays from Heaters Controls And Sensors

Solid State Relays, the zero switching relay with antiparallel thyristor output is the most widely used industrial SSR.

Solid State Relays are used to switch various loads such as heating elements (resistive load), motors, transformers, (inductive) or capacitive loads.

Solid State Relays are available in various ratings and packages from 230 VACrms to 690 VACrms in single or three phase and from 10 Amps to 500 Amps. The relays are standard with the these control inputs, 3 to 32 VDC, 10 to 40 VDC, 10 to 90 VAC/DC 20 to 265 VAC/DC, 0 to 20 /4 to 20 mA current.

To order
Solid State Relays please inform: Type of load, Voltage and Current of load and control input required.

Solid State Relays Features:

AC Solid State Relays 3 phase and single phase
Rated operational current 10 to 500 AACrms

Rated operational voltage up to 690 VACrms

Various input control voltages and currents available

Zero switching, instant on or phase angled fired

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