Sound Level Meter from Heaters Controls And Sensors

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Sound Level Meter from Heaters Controls And Sensors
The Sound Level Meter has been designed to meet the measurement requirements for Industrial safety offices and sound quality control in various environments.

Sound Level Meter Features:

Ranges from 35dB to 130dB at frequencies between 31.5Hz and 8KHz
Display with 0.1dB steps on a 4 digit LCD
With two weighting A and C
Both AC and DC signals output is available from a single standard 3.5mm coaxial socket suitable for a frequency analyzer, level recorder, FFT analyzer, graphic recorder, etc.

Sound Level Meter Specifications:

Standard Applied:

IEC651 Type 2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2

Frequency Range:

31.5Hz ~ 8KHz
Measuring Level Range:
35 ~ 130Db

Frequency Weighting:



1/2 inch Electric condenser microphone



Digital Display:

4 digits
Resolution: 0.1dB
Display Period: 0.5 sec

Time Weighting:

FAST (125mS) SLOW (1 sec)

Level Ranges:

Lo: 35 ~ 90dB and Hi: 75 ~ 130dB
+/- 1.5dB (under reference conditions)

Dynamic Range:


Alarm Function:

"OVER" is shown when input is out of range

Maximum Hold:

Hold readings, with decay <1dB / 3 minutes


Electrical calibration with the interval oscillator (1KHz sine wave)

AC Output:

0.65 Vrms at FS (full scale), output impedance approx. 600W

DC Output:

10mV/dB, output impedance approx. 100W

Power Supply:

One 9V battery 006P or IEC 6F22 or NEDA 1604

Power Life:

About 50hrs (alkaline cell)

Operating Temperature:

0 to 40ºC (32 to 104ºF)

Operating Humidity:

10 to 90%RH

Storage Temperature:

-10 to 60ºC (14 to 140ºF)

Storage Humidity:

10 to 75%RH


240mm (L) x 68mm (W) x 25mm (H)


210g (including battery)


9V battery, carrying case, screwdriver, instruction manual, windscreen

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