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Thermo Hygrometer from Heaters Controls And Sensors
HT-800 Thermo Hygrometer
The HT-800 Thermo Hygrometer has been designed with a highly reliable polymer film humidity sensor.

The HT-800 Thermo Hygrometer is equipped with unique features such as a high stability, good repeatability and fast response order to keep high accuracy of measurement at bad ambient. Platinum resistance element (PT100W) is used for temperature measuring and compensation.

The HT-800 Thermo Hygrometer has its own dual display which continuously indicates %RH and Temperature simultaneously in ºC or ºF, data hold, power exhausted signal and probe connection can be shown on the display, especially dual analog output can be accessed for controller, recorder or P/C system expansion.

Thermo Hygrometer Features:
Dual analog output of temperature and humidity for system expansion
Unique LCD dual display which continuously indicates temperature and humidity simultaneously
Compact interchangeable combined temperature/humidity probe
High stability, non-calibration before using
ºC/ºF switchable
High accuracy, Temperature: +/-0.2ºC Humidity: +/-2.5%RH
One touch "Data-Hold" function
High precision "Macromolecule Humidity Sensor" with quick response and no hysterisis
Water resistant design, easy operation

Thermo Hygrometer Specifications:
Measurement Range Humidity 5 to 98.0% RH
Temperature: -15.0 to +60.0ºC (5.0 to +150.0ºF)
(TAMB - 25ºC)
Humidity: +/-2.5% RH
Temperature: +/-0.2ºC,+/-0.4ºF
Resolution Humidity: 0.1% RH
Temperature: 0.1ºC, 0.1ºF
Sensors Combined humidity/temperature probe
Humidity: High precision Macromolecule Humidity Sensor
Temperature: PT100W platinum thermo-resistance
Signal Output Humidity: DC 0~1V, 10mV/%RH, impedance 600W
Temperature: DC 0~1V, 10mV/ºC, 10mV/ºF, impedance 600W
Display Twin digital LCD display for temperature and humidity reading in the meantime without switching
Over Range Alarm Automatic, when humidity value out of the measurement range
Measuring Rate 2.5 per second
Data Memory Last value memory by "Hold" switch
Power Supply One 9V 006P or IEC 6F22 battery
Battery Life Approx. 120 hours (continuous operation)
Low Power Alarm Automatic - Battery Symbol lights up on alarm
Storage Ambient Range (Meter) -20 to 60ºC (-5 to 150ºF) Below 85% RH
Dimensions Meter: 15 x 7.8 x 2.7 cm (5.9 x 3.1 x 1.1 inch)
Weight 280gms, (9.8 ozs) including probe
* All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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