Fuzzy Logic Controls

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Fuzzy Logic Controls 

FuzyPro High Performance Fuzzy Logic Controls

Profile Controls
Process Controls
Alarm Limits
8 Profiles With 16 Segments
Real Time Clock
Remote Program Run Select
Program Active Relay
Guaranteed Soak
Auto Hold 4 Event Outputs
Recorder & Restraint Out
PID & Rapid Fuzzy Logic
Automatic Constant Tune
Heater Current Indication
Heater Amps Low/High Short
Soft Start & Ramp To Setpoint
Dual Output SSR Or Relay
Dual Setpoint / Local Remote
Hi Limit FM Approved
Manual Reset
Local Or Remote Reset
Fail Safe Relay Output
Latching Alarms With Reset
Highest Alarm Display
Setable High/Low Alarms

Common Features:  

Universal Inputs: RTD, thermocouple, mAmps, mVolts, DC Volts
Sizes: 1/16, 1/8,or 1/4 DIN Sizes, NEMA 4 Rated, IP 66
Outputs: Relay, Logic, Triacs, DC For SCR's, 4-20mA or Linear DC
Power supply: 85 To 265 Volts AC or Low Voltage AC/DC Option
Communications: RS 485 with custom software
Upgrades: All above controls are Filed upgradable to Communications, Extra Alarms, etc.

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