High Accuracy Lab Control Systems

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High Accuracy Lab Control Systems from Heaters Controls And Sensors

FuzyPro High Accuracy Lab Control Systems

High Accuracy Lab Control Systems Features:

High Current, Large Meters, 10 or 20 Amps
SCR Control 0.5 sec cycle time
24 VDC, 120, 208, 240 Volts
1 Phase Operation
Percentage Power Control 0 to 100% from front panel
Heater, Current Indication in 1 amp or 0.1 amp resolution
Soft start ambient to setpoint/ramping setpoint and pretune
Heater Break Alarm or Heater Loss Alarm & Indication option
Optional Heater Break or Deviation Buzzer for Fault conditions
Various Temperature Sensors, inputs RTD or Thermocouple, 0.1º
mVolts or mAmps, input -1999 to 9999 decimal as required
Programmable Controller option 4 recipes
16 steps Ramp Soak
Continuous Auto Tuning fro tighter control at all temperatures

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